There is a little boy who does not remember being in the NICU. He does not remember if his mother was supported, he does not remember the heartache his mother felt as she watched over him in the NICU. He doesn’t remember any of the financial stressors his mom faced. He does not remember his mothers 10 day absence after his birth because of her own complications.


His mother remembers. His mother remembers the support that she was extended, she remembers being supported by a community of trained and compassionate professionals. She remembers being able to cry and be understood. She remembers the mindful practices she was taught to cope, she remembers the day her doula insisted that she be checked more thoroughly at a doctors appointment, saving her life. She remembers coming home to in home support helping ease her transition, she remembers being able to visit the hospital knowing that her other children were safe while she visited with her newborn son.


She smiles as she sees reports of the Maternal Birth Outcomes declining among black women, she smiles as she walks with her healthy son who does not remember his first precarious moments. A son who only sees his mother, happy, confident, and at ease as she raises him and his siblings with grace and ease. She remembers the life changing support that treated her with respect and compassion.


Her son doesn’t remember, but she does

MOMCares serves under supported mothers with a NICU experience in Baltimore City by providing post partum doula care including transportation, childcare, advocacy, self care opportunities, and nutritious meals to mothers and their families.