The Rising Mama is an organization serving mothers and families, providing support, self care opportunities and healing experiences designed to strengthen the family unit with the matriarch at the center of its work.


About Ana Temple Rodney

Ana Temple Rodney is Aiden's Mom. She is an author, doula, yoga instructor, Reiki master, and mom advocate based Baltimore, Maryland. Ana is the Founder of The Rising Mama Brand and MOMCares initiative. The Rising Mama is a brand that serves mothers and families in the Baltimore area through Reiki energy healing services, body positive yoga instruction, and supportive doula services.

In 2014, Ana Temple Rodney, gave birth to a premature son. After a hard pregnancy, riddled with loss, financial worries, and uncertainty, Ana found herself now facing a new challenge in the premature birth of her son. 6 months after the birth of her son, after battling to breastfeed, and maintain some form of autonomy as a mother surrounded by medical professionals, Ana and Aiden headed home. It was at home with a young child on oxygen support and numerous medications that Ana began to fully understand the weight of her need for additional and consistent support.


In 2016, Ana began a healing circle designed to create community and encourage self care practices for mothers. In 2017 Ana, with the help of women from her community was able to gift 40 mothers in the NICU with small mothers day gift bags filled with items to support their stay in the NICU. Also in 2017, Ana was able to extend her vision of programming for mothers in the NICU with help from the Baltimore Corps' Elevation Award.


MOMCares is a postpartum doula program designed to support mothers of color in the NICU who identify themselves as under supported and facing financial stressors. MOMCares provides packaged meals, transportation, bedside support, self care opportunities and child care for older siblings to mothers in need.


The Rising Mama is a brand that encourages mothers of all experiences and backgrounds to reclaim themselves through Reiki, yoga, and mindful self care for themselves and their families.


Ana is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Doula, and educator based in Baltimore city. Ana and her son Aiden have been growing and thriving as Ana persues her path as a healer and advocate in Baltimore City.